About Us

Everything you need to know about us.

Who we are.

HanyuChinese is an online Chinese-language course provider. Due to recent economic developments, China's influence on the world economy is increasing rapidly. Therefore, Chinese is becoming essential to business. Meanwhile, as technology becomes a part of our life, we recognize that people spend most of their times on screen. With these two insights in mind, we have created a great online course for Chinese online learning.

Why choose us.

Our Chinese course has been created through real experience of learning in China. Our online programe is similar to what is taught to foreign students taking immersive courses in China. At the same time, we are offering current and prospective students of Chinese a cost-effective alternative to learning the language. By combining insights into Chinese immersive courses in China with cost effectiveness, we believe that we can provide a great Chinese online course for those who look to sharpen their Chinese skills.